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Foster or Adopt!  Come volunteer!

Do you need an experienced trainer/behavioralist for your pooch? Trish King at Canine Behavior Associates is adept in handling all behavior problems, but specialize in aggression towards other dogs or humans and separation anxiety.  The training is science and relationship based, balanced, practical and realistic.  Trish King has worked with dogs and their owners for over 20 years and recently worked at Marin Humane Society, as Director of Behavior and Training

Adopt a dog!  Take a look at Grateful Dogs Rescue for your new pup.  Those fostering dogs have the option of adopting their dogs before they are up for adoption to the public.  Would you like to foster? Help a dog at risk of euthanasia, today.

More dogs (and cats plus small animals) up for adoption!  San Francisco Animal Care and Control has lovely dogs looking for their forever homes.

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